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广州华川 全自动酱料灌装生产线




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   The production line can widely used to filling,capping and labeling for various semi-liquid,ointment paste, dense catsup and various materials with granule, such as drinks with fruit, honey,syrup,jam, peanut butter, sesame paste,tomato sauce, peper sauce, etc.






  1. 采用活塞式定量,灌装范围大。
  2. 采用PLC和触摸屏自动化控制,具有计量准确、结构先进、运行平稳等优点。
  3. 本机与物料接触均为优质不锈钢制作,外形美观大方不污染环境,拆装简单,易清洗,符合GMP标准要求。
  4. 光电传感器、接近开头等采用的都是先进的传感觉元件,做到无瓶不灌装,液位自动控制。
  5. 更换不同形状规格的瓶子灌装时,不需要更换零件,调整方便,适用性强;
  6. 采用世界知名品牌电器和气动元件,故障率低,性能稳定可靠,使用寿命长。
  7. 灌装量和灌装速度调整简单,灌装嘴设有防滴漏装置,确保灌装无拉丝、不滴漏。
  8. 可根据客户的需要给料桶加装搅拌机构。
  9. 可根据客户的需要制成耐70-95℃的高温灌装


1、 The machine adopts piston quantitative, large filling range.


2、 It adopts PLC and touch screen control panel for control panel for control material, urate measuring, advanced structure, stable operating,


3、 The parts contact the material of the machine is made of excellent stainless steel. Good appearance,easy to clean and disassemble,and meet with GMP standard.


4、 Photosensor and approximate switch and other elements are using international famous brand, to make sure no bottle filling, automatic control to add the material.


5、 Doesn’t require to replace parts for filling different shapes of bottles with easy adjustment, strong adaptability.


6、 The electric parts and pneumatic parts are used world-renowned brands, the advantage is low failure rate,reliable performance and long service life.


7、 Easy to adjust the filling volume and filling speed, the filling head is installed with anti-leakage device.


8、 The material barrwl can add dasher for customer needs.


9、 The machine can be made to filling material with 70-95℃

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