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● 采用进口无刷马达,性能强大,稳定性高,使用寿命超长。
● Imported brushless motor, strong performance, high stability and long service life.
● 低振动,低噪音,低电磁干扰,符合环保要求,特别适用于无尘工作环境使用。
● Low vibration, low noise, low ic interference, comply with environmental requirements, especially applicable to dustfree working environment.
● 内部停止装置采用磁性感应系统,灵敏度高,瞬间制动,低冲击力,长期使用不易损坏。
● The internal stop device adopts ic induction system, with high sensitivity, instantaneous braking, low impact force, and long-term use not easily damaged.
● 最新电源设计,突破传统体积大,功耗大的缺点,使用中更轻巧,更便捷,适用于100V~250V的工作环境。
● The newest power supply design, break through the traditional volume big, the power consumption big drawback, use medium is lighter, more convenient, apply to 100V ~ 250V working environment.
● 电源线采用矽胶线防硬化三芯线设计,使用寿命超长。
● The power line is designed with silicon wire anti-hardening three-core wire, and the service life is too long.
● 扭距设置精准,扭力精准度高,使用专业工具调节扭力,让您不用担心扭力会随意调节。
● The torque is urate, the torque is urate and the torque is adjusted by using professional tools so that you don't have to worry about the torque.
● 外型按照人体工学握持设计,外壳采用高档PC材质,体积精巧,重量轻,耐冲击,使用舒适,长时间使用不易疲劳,提高生产效率。
● The outer type is designed ording to ergonomic grip, and the shell is made of high-grade PC material, which is of exquisite volume, light weight, impact resistance, comfortable use, easy to use for long time, and improve production efficiency.
● 手按式启动与下压式启动双模式功能的完美结合,只需拨动一个小开关就能让你的使用更加随心所欲。
● A perfect combination of push-start and push-down dual mode functions, with just a small switch to make your use more arbitrary.
● 专为螺丝装配自动化设备设计,带信号输出,是螺丝装配自动化设备制造商的。
● Specially designed for screw assembly automation equipment, with signal output, is the best choice for the manufacturer of screw assembly automation equipment.
● 转速0~1200rpm可随心调节,满足您的不同需要。
● The speed of 0-1200rpm can be adjusted to suit your different needs.
● 产品功能齐全,满足各种产业需求。
● The products are fully functional and meet all kinds of industrial needs


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